Date: 29 FEB – 03 MAR 2024

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Address: Jakarta International Expo – RW.10, East Pademangan, Pademangan, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 14410

Our Location: Hall D No. 033

Website: https://ifexindonesia.com/


Date: 10 – 13 SEP 2024

Venue: Shanghai, China

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) – No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Our Location: Hall E booth E1E38-A

Website: https://www.furniture-china.cn/en-us/

Magazine Feature

Our design was featured on the cover page of 2016 Special Issue of Home Beautiful, an Australian magazine.

Home Beautiful is simply one of the most loved, most recognised and commercially successful brands in Australia.



As Natuzz Ohme has grown over the years, we acknowledge that we have been very fortunate to accomplish all that we have done. Through the expansion of our business, we have amassed many connections throughout the world. As we continue to grow, it became increasingly pertinent to us to actively contribute back to the community.


Acting on one of our company values, Responsibility, we are constantly striving to become a socially responsible business by leveraging on our connections to have a wide outreach in the community. Looking into several ways of giving back to the community, we found that providing education was the best and most sustainable way to engage the community. Giving these bright and smart children an opportunity for a better future could be the spark to necessary change in these impoverished countries. 


Natuzz Ohme is currently sponsoring the education of 11 orphan children in Indonesia, and manages 20 other sponsorships funded by our clients. We are also sponsoring 4 children in Sri Lanka. These sponsorships provide everything for education purposes, including uniforms, school supplies and other school expenses, for these children to be able to study without worry. This also relieves the financial burden on the family members of these children.


In addition, we also embarked on projects to build schools in Laos. We believe that a conducive environment is essential for productive learning, and hence strive to provide well facilitated schools for children in Laos. To date, we have initiated the building of one school – Dongkhankhou Lower Secondary School, and are in the midst of starting another project. 


By providing the place and opportunity for many children to receive proper education, we hope that they will have the capacity to breakout from poverty and go on to realize positive change in their own ways.

Dongkhankhou Lower Secondary School Project

Date: 20 November 2019

Location: Ban Dongkhankhou, Laos

We are pleased to announce that we have officially started re-building Dongkhankhou Lower Secondary, on 20 Nov 2019.  We knew of this place in 2017, and was taken aback by how rudimentary and dilapidated the school was. The classrooms would flood when there was rain, and the shelter was not sufficient to protect the students and the teachers from nature’s wrath. We felt that it would be of utmost importance to provide a better schooling environment for both students and teachers, and hence embarked on this project. We are building 5 fully facilitated classrooms, with proper cement walls and shelter. To date, the foundation has been laid and we are working hard to bring this project to completion as soon as possible.

Phon Noy Primary School Project

Date: 20 November 2019

Location: Ban Phon Noy, Laos

While in Laos for the officiating ceremony of Dongkhankhou Lower Secondary, we located another school in Ban Phon Noy. Similarly, this primary school was run-down and desperately needed reconstruction. The wooden structure could barely shield students and teachers from the wind and rain outside. We would be targeting to complete this project by 2021, building 5 classrooms and toilets for the school.

Indonesia Children Sponsorship 2019, Sukoharjo

Date: 7 July 2019

Time passes very quickly, it is time for our yearly activity. We hope to restore the children’s faith and to show them that there are still people who care and concern about them. We are grateful that we can bring happiness to these children from a simple act of buying their school supplies. Not only do we provide financial aid, we also care for their psychological welfare – we fund monthly gatherings with good food and drinks and also give them monthly allowance. Our love for these children is not restricted by geographical boundaries.

Indonesia Children Sponsorship 2018, Sukoharjo

Date: 28 June 2018

Before school reopens, we bring the children to a local shopping center to buy school supplies like writing books, socks, school bag and other school accessories. Seeing the children’s happy faces when they replenish their school supplies warms our hearts. This is a yearly activity that we organize, outside of providing for their monthly school expenses.