Our Company's Story

Natuzz Ohme is founded by Jeffrey Tan who has had over 20 years of experience in the field of furniture design. His unique design ideas combine natural raw material with human handcraft to form unprecedented integrated pieces, while the resources remain uncluttered. We are famous for clean minimalism, with raw, unfinished and handcrafted modern elements. We are proud to be one of the major players in this range of designer furniture. Our 10 production divisions are located in Indonesia, who are highly professional, dynamic and reliable. Each specializes in their own material, and are constantly looking for ways to bring the best collections to our partners worldwide.

Our Vision

To pioneer and lead in infusing design with natural elements.

Our Mission

To provide customers with utmost quality and design through our highly trained team of professionals.

Our Values


Continuous Learning

Our Award

Sourcing and Inspection Service

We have extended our wing to China, Vietnam and Malaysia for our regular customers to help them with sourcing and random quality inspections. We save their time by finding a reliable and good supplier, then ensuring the delivery quality and the needed follow-up to avoid any miscommunications from the language or cultural barrier. For this, we have a local domestic team to take charge, and they can also bring our customers to visit the factory if required.

Our Family

Natuzz Ohme’s family has been growing in numbers over the years.

2016 Company Trip

Jogjakarta – Our first company trip!

2017 Company Trip

Sarangan and Lamongan

2018 Company Trip


2019 Company Trip

Jakarta – Our family is growing gradually!